The School by Emerald Fennell – July 2013 author story

19 Jul

Things have been hectic at 247 towers this month, but the competition for July is very much open and we’d love to see your entries!

Check out this month’s author story for inspiration:

The School by Emerald Fennell (July 2013)

The School wasn’t really a school exactly, was it, Paul? No. It was more of a…experience. Sorry, ‘an experience’. Thanks, Paul. Paul was always better at grammar that I was, and as I say, The School didn’t really teach us things like that, they didn’t really bother with all that spelling and arithmetic malarkey. Classes were a lot more unusual than that. If ‘unusual’ covers it. No, no geography for us, though they did teach us to use a compass, of course, couldn’t have done half our homework without the compass. And anatomy too, no point killing something if you don’t know which bits you can eat! And of course there was the darker stuff… well, I don’t need to tell you, do I? You know what happened.

I didn’t know Jimmy, actually. He was a few years below. Nice boy, I think, certainly seemed nice a nice lad, anyway. But then, The School did odd things to your perception, we used to joke that they put things in the water. Poor Jimmy. When I read it in the papers, I wasn’t surprised. You weren’t surprised either were you, Paul? I mean, what do you expect really? We were all orphans, we didn’t have anyone to tell us any different, no parents to tell us that it was all wrong, that what they were teaching us there was…well, evil, really, I suppose. Poor Jimmy. He didn’t know any better. He was only doing what he was taught.

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