A stellar theme for August’s competition!

9 Aug

The theme for August 2013 is The Star. We can’t wait to see your entries! Normal guidelines apply as stated here.

Here’s a brilliant author story for inspiration:

The Star by Helen Douglas by Helen Douglas (August 2013)

Everyone else is looking at the sky. I’m looking at the corner of Pond Street, waiting for Ben. He always comes at seven, his skateboard tucked under one arm.

He doesn’t know I exist.

It’s been eight weeks since the last ship left for the new world. Ben’s girlfriend is on one of them.
There aren’t many of us left. We have new rituals, new superstitions. We wake early, opening our curtains to check the sunrise. At sundown we gather in parks to watch the red rays of sunset scorch the sky.

The children come out first. They spin on the roundabout, kick back on the swings, their eyes fixed on the sky. The last to come are the old folks. They bring buckets of popcorn and sit on park benches as though they’re at the movies, watching some blockbuster rather than the dying days of our sun.

Ben appears then. He pauses, not heading to the half-pipe as usual. Instead he flops into the swing next to mine.

“Hey,” he says.

I try to keep my voice steady. “Hey.”

We swing in silence.

“Do you know which star they’re heading towards?” I ask, eventually.

He points. “That one.”

“I wonder how they are.”

His hand brushes against mine. “I don’t see the point of thinking about the people that left us behind. Do you?’ He smiles.

Nobody knows how long we have left. Months? Days maybe.

But right now, I have everything I could ever want.

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