July 2013

The School, July 2013

Gertrude’s story was a brilliant one-sided conversation, that we are sure many kids at school experience. Her story had a believable voice that dripped with hidden threats and menace. Very cleverly done.

“Getting along in school is complicated, but it’s okay- you have us. Stop looking at Josh; he’s like, so weird. Talking to him is social suicide. You want people to like you, right? Good. Okay, take down your hair. You look like such a geek with it scraped back! Wow, you need help. Take some of my lipgloss. First rule of school is stay with us. If you’re on our side nothing can happen to you. If you want to know what happens to girls who don’t stick by us, just take a look at Samantha Perks over there in the corner. OMG, have you seen what she’s wearing? She’s really let loose since we broke friends. Anyway. Secondly, don’t be clever, but don’t be dumb. Clever girls have no friends, and definitely get no boys. And they smell of garlic. Don’t be stupid though; there is nothing more annoying. Just dumb yourself down a bit. Third. Take your tie off. Yes, I know, it’s uniform, but I mean, purple? It’s just not flattering for a girl’s complexion. You’ll get a demerit, but nobody cares, I mean not unless you’re a total nerd or something. Roll your skirt up, girl! What do you look like? Ugh, I hate girls who wear their skirts past their knees. Shh, we can talk later, Miss is here. Oh, and welcome to Greenhall High!”

Ahana looked trustingly into Rhiannon’s eyeliner-rimmed blue eyes. She smiled. Everybody was so friendly at high school.

Gertrude, age 13 (247 words)


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