June 2013

The Chase, June 2013

Kieran’s story had real impact and heart at the centre of its theme. It was a chase that we thought many people could relate to and encapsulated a lot of emotion in very few words.

The clock struck 3:00pm! My heart started to pound. I’ve been here before, but this time it felt more intense. The threats have become second nature to me and I have learned to live with the occasional physical element. But this time was different; a real beating was on the cards. I guess I have always been slightly different at school, maybe it’s because I’m a foster child.

3:30 the bell rings. Mentally, I have my route planned- the best way to avoid the school bully and his gang. The chase begins. I leap to my feet and dash out of the classroom. As I sprint down the corridor, I hear voices shouting behind me “your dead, Kieran!” I quicken my pace; adrenaline coursing through my body as I exit the building.

The voices sound closer now, I can hear heels thudding on the ground behind me. My senses heighten as the blood pumps through my veins (fight or flight) subconsciously; I’m starting to believe I can make it, not far to go. One more big effort required. As I turn the corner to my street, a hand grabs at my jumper from behind- my emotions take a dip. I rip myself free and dive in the front door.

I escaped this time but tomorrows another day. I have to find the strength in myself to summon the courage to tell someone and help others in my situation, then maybe the hurt will finally end.

Kieran, age 13 (245 words)

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