May 2013

The Monster, May 2013

Roseanna’s entry had a real sense of creeping menace about it. Using the camera to reveal the monster was a great idea, and what a scary monster. A really brilliant and concise story that ramps up the fear factor.

I had concealed it in a thicket, looking out over the clearing. Now, all I could do was watch the tiny black and white screen. I curl up and watch contentedly as a hedgehog trots tentatively across the night vision picture. It snuffles through the carpet of leaves, scouring for insects and slugs. The hedgehog wanders in ever decreasing circles before disappearing from the shot.

Something large rustles the leaves of the tree in the background. I strain the glimpse the shape – probably a deer. I lean forwards and pull the curtains closed so that I can see the screen better. It looks towards the camera and its eyes light up. Huge. On the front of it’s head. Not a deer.

I scream. Choke. It has leapt from between the trees. I pull the blanket further under my nose. My heavy breath rasps, catching in my throat. I can’t look away. It crouches over a boulder. Three skeletal limbs. A tattered stump. Pointed ears crown its head. Its pallid skin, punctured by sharp bones, is covered in fine but greasy dark hair.

I let out the breath I’ve been holding and its head snaps towards the camera. It glares straight at me. And leaps. At the camera. The last image is of its toothless mouth.

Roseanna, age 14 (215 words)

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